5 Ways to Start Building Your Relationship Foundation

So you’ve either just got into a relationship or you’ve been in a relationship for a while, and now you’re wondering, “How do we build a POSITIVE and HEALTHY foundation for our relationship to grow?”  As a coach passionate about relationships and with my experience helping guide couples through their journey, I’ve outlined a few key and essential steps to help you on the path to building a strong foundation! If you’re ready to dive even deeper, check out my 6-week online course for couples, Build Your Foundation, here.

1. Get some communication tools in your back pocket. 
By building your toolbox NOW, you’ll be equipped to navigate issues in your relationship when they arise. It’s SO important to develop and practice effective techniques for getting through challenges as a team.   Believe it or not, you and your partner can actually grow closer through conflict if the communication skills are there.

2. Take responsibility for your triggers!  
Your triggers are your triggers, and you can invite your partner in for support while you work through healing them and adjusting your habit patterns, however, it’s not your partner’s responsibility to simply not trigger you.

3. Release the myths.
Relationships aren’t supposed to be all fairy tales, roses and peaches forever! Let’s face it: Roses have thorns and peaches have pits. Our romanticized version of marriage says that a “happy marriage” is one that never fights or argues and is somehow just perfect without any TLC.  The reality is, relationships are WORK!  And by embracing that fact & doing the work, you’ll find a depth of connection you never knew possible.

4. Explore your expectations & COMMUNICATE them.  
If you never tell them they will never know!  This idea that our partner is “just supposed to know” or “he/she should know me better by now!” or “if I tell him/her it takes the magic away,” is trumped when you have a CLEAR, OPEN, & HONEST conversation with your partner about your needs & desires AND your partner comes through with giving you exactly that!  With more clear knowledge of each other it’s so much easier to show love to each other.

5. HOLD ON TO YOURSELF, tight, & never let go! 
Loosing yourself in your relationship is an easy thing to do, and a common fear for singles.  You will be changed by your relationship, it’s inevitable and actually a really good thing as long as you keep your feet planted on the ground and YOU are the conscious decider of these changes. Have & keep boundaries, feel confident in having an opinion and not always agreeing with each other. I assure you…it’s a good thing. Strive to never NEED each other, but always maintain that WANT & DESIRE for your partner.

Have you tried any of these techniques in your relationship? How are you experiencing the benefits? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!