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Strengthen the foundation of your relationship through this completely online, guided focus on connection, communication, and couplehood.
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Build Your Foundation: A 6-Week Online Program Towards

Creating a Fulfilling Life Together


Build Your Foundation, is a 6-week online premarital education course for young, modern couples. We will explore tools necessary to sustain a strong and fulfilling marriage.  By building your toolbox now, you’ll be equipped to navigate the occasionally rough waters of relationships, arriving at the shore of connectedness. 

Our romanticized version of marriage says that a happy marriage is one that never fights, is always “in-love,” and is some how just perfect without any TLC. 

Yet reality says that it takes a little bit (okay, A LOT) of work, you won’t always agree, and it’s really really important to give at least as much TLC to your partnership as you do your career, your children, etc.

No one gets married expecting to get divorced, so it’s crucial that you learn the TOOLS and KNOWLEDGE to make it work!  It’s not a matter of if you disagree, fight, get frustrated, feel lacking, it’s simply a matter of how you handle it. 

Developing and practicing effective techniques for getting through challenges as a team NOW will aid you when life starts to happen and the stressors inevitably come along.

One of the most powerful aspects of this online course is that we will utilize tools developed by leading relationship and marriage researchers such as:

  • Dr. David Schnarch in Passionate Marriage
  • Dr. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks in Conscious Loving
  • Dr. Marshall Rosenberg in Non-violent Communication

If you’re ready to dedicate love & attention towards building your fulfilling partnership, you’re in the right place!

Take the time to build a solid foundation for your relationship.

Next course begins June 2015

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How it works:

The “Build Your Foundation” online course is limited to 3 couples to allow for a more intimate setting and personalized attention.  We will gather each week for a 90-minute video Skype meeting to review the previous weeks’ exploration and go over the next weeks’ topics.

I’m not reinventing the wheel here, so we’ll draw from the work of top psychologist and researchers in the field of relationships through: Conscious Loving, Passionate Marriage, Fighting for Your Marriage, & Non-violent Communication.

I know you’re busy, so are not be expected to read all four books in their entirety.  However, I’ve selected the key components for building a strong foundation from each and will share all the good stuff with you.

Using excerpts and ideas from readings and exercises geared towards that week’s topic, you will gain insight into each other, grow as individuals as well as create the couple you would like to be.

During this six week course, instead of deep diving into personal issues you might face as a couple, we begin to create a strong foundation by addressing the broader topics of connecting and communicating.  Once you master these foundational topics, discussions over finances, in-laws, children, relocations, frustrations, desires, etc., become avenues to put your toolbox into practice.


  • Each session is 90 minutes long with an additional 30 minute Q&A period at the end
  • Start time is flexible depending on what time zone everyone is in.  Typically we will start at 6:00 PST/9:00 EST
  • Cost is $249 per couple, includes weekly sessions & one private coaching session with Leanne
  • Additional coaching sessions can be added on at $75 per 45 minute session added.


Begin Your Journey To A Thriving Marriage Today!

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The Benefits

Increased Understanding & Support

Establish a strong understanding and support line between you and your partner that is vital to a thriving relationship

Grow Closer Through Conflicts

Study communication techniques to create a common language, allowing you to fully express, hear, and understand each other.

Identify Challenges Early

Identifying challenges early that could turn into major issues over time allows you to chose a constructive path instead of falling into destructive patterns



Deepen Your Connection

Deepen the connection between you and your partner by learning more about each other’s wants, needs and desires


Build Your Toolbox

Learn highly successful tools through the latest research to strengthen the foundation you’ve already started to build with your partner

Keep Love & Friendship Alive

Acquire resources for the future and create ways to continue growing together towards your happily-ever-after!


“We inscribed in the Build Your Foundation course, without really knowing what we were looking for. We often work on our couple, and we always try to be honest, sincere and inspire each other to soar, follow his/her heart and path. Before taking the course we would have described ourselves as a couple without problems, and we never raised our voices or fought. The course gave us so many tools and really opened our eyes to things we might never have known. We were able to see that even though we always had the best intention for one another, and never shouted at each other, there were still things that we could work on in order to reach a deeper connection with one another. We were able to see patterns we had and recognize issues that later down the line could have created major problems in our growth. The course definitely bettered our communication and we were able to release the idea of a the “perfect couple.” We are so grateful for Leanne for her guidance. We still consult her and the material provided during the course as we continue growing together.”
Pili & Juan | Couples Testimonial


Begin Your Journey To A Happy, Fulfilling Marriage!

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Relationships and self-exploration have always been my passion.  I started wedding planning 7 years ago and found great joy in helping couples have their wonderful DAY of commitment.  In time, I found even deeper inspiration in helping others learn to build a wonderful LIFE together.

Through a lot of independent study, many trials and tribulations, I found the right tools for me to grow personally and authentically share my life with an amazing partner. The books we’ll be using were the backbone to my growth and I’m excited to share with you the highlights and tools in an easy to digest format, so you can begin implementing them today!

I look forward to being your guide through this part of your journey and joining you on the path to a thriving marriage!

Coach Leanne Marie is an iPEC trained life & relationship coach.  It is her passion to lead and assist couples in building a solid foundation for their marriage through the journey of premarital education classes.

She is a certified trainer for PREP 7.0, a marriage program developed by leading researchers and authors of Fighting for Your Marriage. She has completed the Hendricks Institute’s Conscious Loving & Living Essentials workshop and for the past 4 years, has been a mindfulness practitioner and yoga instructor.