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Leanne Marie is one of the best coaches I have experienced. She is both loving and challenging. She takes a deep dive into your belief systems and assists you to look at your beliefs from all angles. After each session with her I really had a better understanding of who I was and who I wanted to be in this world.

The little shifts you can make over time create big rewards for your future. I always felt more complete and in charge of how I want to show up in both my relationships and my career. I believe if you are ready to make those all important shifts to create a fulfilling and satisfying life, then Leanne Marie is your gal!

Connie Bennedict

Life Purpose Coach, MoClar Moments

I came to Leanne Marie because I wanted to get a more organized and balanced approach to my life. The self-discoveries I made based on the precise and pointed questions Leanne was able to ask me, really help me see the equation in a whole new way.

I love love love this process with Leanne and am so grateful to have it as a tool in my arsenal of awesomeness that I call loving my life! Thank you!


I signed up with Leanne Marie because I wanted help making a shift in my reaction to stress stimuli.  Over the time I received coaching from Leanne Marie I definitely got a new behavior response to anxiety.

Leanne was very peaceful and patient. She is great at sharing the visualizations and meditation/centering space and she has many body movements/breathing techniques that are vital in a daily “wellness toolkit”.

I really got a lot out of our time together, and the best part is the contact with my own source of power.


Are you ready to…

Then you just might have found yourself in the right place.  There are three steps to take when you need to step through fear and create change in your life – Awareness, Space, and Choice.  We’ll use this process together as you continue on your journey to you.


Meet Your Coach

Hi there!  So, I absolutely LOVE being a life-coach.  I love connecting with you, understanding you and challenging you. One-on-one coaching creates a space that is 100% focused on you and discovering what is holding you back from achieving the connection with life you are seeking.

I bring clarity to the table and will question any limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Reading between the lines and listening for the deeper message in your words is my specialty.  I love celebrating your successes, no matter how small!

At the end of our sessions you’ll feel a stronger connection with your inner self and gain mental clarity and inner peace to face any situation.

It’s time to get real with yourself and start living true to you!

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Life Coaching Packages


The OMG-I-Need-This-In-My-Life Package is for the novice seeker. Something has awoken in you and you know there is more to this life than what meets the eye. You’ve been described as wise beyond your years, and are finally ready to go deeper and really discover who you are! You have experienced a few key moments of connection with yourself and you want more of that, more often. The 3-month commitment is just the right amount of time to help you focus on your goals, connect with your values, and really grow into who you are. You’ll build confidence in your power, clarity with your thoughts, and know that no matter what comes your way, YOU CAN HANDLE IT!

What’s included:

  • Thought provoking introductory questionnaire
  • 12 weeks of weekly 45-minute one-on-one phone or Skype sessions
  • 11 pre-session clarity questionnaires to keep clear goals in mind
  • An agenda for each session to ensure forward progress 
  • Email contact/coaching between sessions as needed

Package cost

Payment accepted via Paypal

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Money Back Guarantee

I am committed to your success and happiness, and I do not want you to be paying for services with which you aren’t fully satisfied. So, my promise is, if after the second session you are not seeing results or are unsatisfied in anyway with our relationship then just let me know you’d like to discontinue the service and I will issue you a complete refund.



The One-On-One Maintenance Package will keep you connected to you as you navigate life’s journey. Designed for those who have already participated in the One-Time-Clarity Boost or the OMG Package.

This is an on-going space for self-exploration and clarity seeking to keep you in touch with your truest self and flowing through life seamlessly, even with the ups and downs.  I provide a place to get clear on where you’re at and where you want to go, and more importantly the steps you’ll take to get there. Start putting YOU into everything you do.

What’s included:

  • Four 45-minute phone or Skype sessions to be used within 8 weeks
  • 4 pre-session clarity questionnaires to keep clear goals in mind
  • An agenda for each session to ensure forward progress 
  • Email contact/coaching between sessions as needed

Package cost

Payment accepted via Paypal

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For a One-Time Clarity Boost, book a 90-minute one-on-one phone session to get clear on what is keeping you stuck and devise a plan to move towards flow. This is for the avid seeker who has found herself in a bit of rut, disconnected from her flow, and needing a little momentum starter. If you’re skilled in meditation, well versed in self-discovery, clear on who you are but you’re feeling just a little off, this session will give you that boost back to you.

I use a set agenda full of transformational tools that are then personalized to you, your goals, and your desires.

It’s like a restart button!

What will you get:

  • Thought provoking introductory questionnaire
  • One 90 minute phone or on-line sessions
  • Tangible tools that you will be able to take with you and use FOREVER
  • A concrete plan of action to continue on your journey towards living true to yourself
  • Two follow-up emails 

Clarity Boost cost

Payment accepted via Paypal

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Money Back Guarantee

I am committed to your success and happiness, and I do not want you to be paying for services with which you aren’t fully satisfied. So, my promise is, if after the first 30 minutes you wish to discontinue the service we will stop right there and I will issue you a complete refund.

The Fast Track To Clarity option includes an awareness assessment to get clarity on how you are showing up each day and areas of focus for our one-on-one coaching sessions. This is an energetic assessment that provides insights in where you are TODAY. From the debrief you will walk away with all kinds of nuggets for reflection and a plan of action.


Option 1 – Assessment and 90 minute phone or Skype debrief $165

Option 2 – Assessment, 90 minute debrief, plus 6 One-on-One phone or Skype sessions $565

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One-on-One options

Feeling lost or out of touch with yourself? Looking for balance?

Wishing to change a few unuseful habits?

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More about the Mindfulness Life Coaching

  • Have you ever found yourself feeling so overcome by insecurities and fears that you forget who you are? 
  • Or How often have you said to yourself “Why is this happening to me again?
  • Maybe, you simply haven’t quite figured our who you are yet, and are really curious to know!

If any or all of that speaks to you, then going through the Mindfulness Life Coaching 3 step process will bring about a lot of answers.

The three steps: Awareness, Space, & Choice, are utilized to help bring subconscious habit patterns to the surface and create changes that last to lead you towards a life of connectedness, happiness and inner peace.

By bringing awareness to your habits and patterns, your inner dialogue, and your physiological responses you become empowered to take action, and make the choices that are right for you.

Through the process I’ll teach you some brain basics.  The brain is such a powerful tool that we can learn to use, in order to leverage a LIFE we LOVE! I will be your guide as you locate the root of upsets, observe your reaction-patterns to triggers, and practice new ways to respond to your emotions and fears.

Check out the details below and I also created a free E-Book on the 1st and most crucial step – AWARENESS.  Click here to download it and begin your journey today.

The Outcomes

Through working together, you will learn exactly how to start changing your brain to build new clarity and confidence to stay true to you! You'll realize that you are the creator of your own reality. We all have a unique and different journey, and working with me will lead you to…

Balance with your emotions

As humans we are relational beings and are meant to experience a myriad of emotions. I can show you a way to hold space for all of them while not being consumed by them.


Strong self-confidence

Whether it’s social situations that make you quake or you struggle with asserting yourself in your personal relationships, we’ll work to develop that poise and confidence.

Growing your self-love

When you start living 100% true to your needs & learn to fully love yourself, you will be on the path to the freedom, peace & joy you’ve been searching for. It starts with you!

 Let’s Create Those Positive Shifts Together!

By utilizing mindfulness practice and empowerment tools, you will gain the insight into yourself that you’ve been searching for.

The Mindful Woman coaching focuses on the areas of life that mean the most to you:

  • Your partnership
  • Your family
  • Your career
  • Your personal time

Through rediscovering and deepening your connection to yourself, you can take the first steps on a path of positive transition to better relationships, a more fulfilling career, and a heightened sense of joy and self-acceptance.



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